About us

About US:

The Automan system was first developed for Meadowland Chrysler in 1994.

Our original goal was to replace the R & R VimNet system with a group of Personal Computers that would be able to perform all accounting, service and parts functions.

The original Automan was a DOS based system written in a computer language called Clipper and utilized Dbase 4 file systems.

At that time in 1994 Meadowland was spending over $ 4,500 per month for a system that could not produce a computer generated and printed check!!. An updated system would have cost over $6,000 per month from R & R or ADP.

In 1995 Meadowland discontinued the use of the VimNet system and purchased 12 Personal computers and one file server at a cost of approximately $25,000. The goal was to run these systems for 5 years and then replace them with newer technology.

This equated to $5000 per year depreciation or about $ 450 per month. We were currently using On Target Software for F & I and our total Data processing expense every month was less than $ 1,000 . Bear in mind there was no charge for Automan.

By declaring our independence in 1995 we have to date saved over $500,000.

More importantly, today we are ready with a 50 PC, Windows 2000 network running all Windows Graphical Applications with complete internet access to all users and DCX DealerConnect internet interfaces up and running.. We didn’t spend a dime on DealerConnect